Friday, April 29, 2011

A day to spare ;o)

Hi all,

Just wanted to skip on in, well, more like slide in to home plate to meet the challenge.
I have created a page for the April Challenge over at The papers I used are from Jen Reeds Genuine kit that can be found over at You will also find it and all her items on sale for this weekend. So, head over and check it out. I also used the fonts: Fluoxetine and Century Gothic. I also used  Katie Pertiet's  SandedOverlay.png that can be found at In the meantime, here is my layout:
One of my favorite salads

Monday, March 21, 2011

Long time, no see!!

That is what we use to say when we were kids. Ha, there I go, dating myself.

Anyway, it has been a long time since posting and thought I had better get busy doing SOMETHING. So, here I am to share with you the results of a challenge I chose to do. Jen Reed has a Facebook fan page and as a fan I couldn't resist the template challenge.
Here are the results:
I used a kit called E-I-E-I-O by Christy Sturm and the template was from Jen Reed of or both below.

The font I used was Century Gothic and the alphabet was from Christy's E-I-E-I-O kit as well. The photos were from my gallery that I had taken last year at the fair. It was a hot, stormy, July day and I long for those warmer days. I hope we continue to progress in to Spring like weather and then into summer. NO MORE SNOW!!!!
It was fun to do another scrapbook page since it has been a while since I had done anything but sew and work at my job. Hopefully better weather will help stimulate me to do more pages in the near future.

Maybe I will even get enough time to create another template to share... possibly.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Okay! So, better late than never??? Sorry for the delay but here it is.

The freebie I promised is here. So sorry it took me a while to get it to you. Please forgive. I have just had a lot on my plate the past few weeks.

I hope that everyone had a great holiday season and that you had plenty of fun, family, friends and rest.  REST???  How did that fit in the list starting with the letter f ?? Well "rest" didn't start with an f but I hope it was a part of your holiday anyway. Regeneration is always my goal in time away from the stresses of my job. Not to mention, it gives time to catch up on my sleep.Yeaaaahhhh.

So, as I promised here is your freebie, just because I wanted to share with you. Please read the TOU document and remember this is for personal use only. Okay?? Thanks.

This is template 03 and is sent to you as a zip file containing a PSD file along with a sample page created from the template. I hope you enjoy it's clean look. 

Here is a sample page using the template. I love my cats!!!

The paper and embellishments I used for this layout are Rhonna Farrer's 2psFreePeaKit July Perfect Pets from the Two Peas in a Bucket website. Fonts used were Century Gothic and The King and Queen. I just love this font.

Have fun and check back again soon for more ideas and fun.

So long for now, and I hope you find yourself inspired.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Few more days

Hi everyone, 

I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas and with the new year just around the corner I hope you celebrate in a major way. With the holiday season I had been so busy I neglected to post and I wanted to check in and see how everyone's projects are going. I made some things for family members that I could not  post until now (Christmas Presents and I didn't want to give it away). I had made a family tradition (unbeknown to me), that they  all look forward to getting a homemade item from me at Christmas time and I guess this year I didn't disappoint. Yaaah!! They raved about the ornaments I made for them this year. I was under a huge time crunch (hence, the reason I haven't posted in a while) and finished a small set for them with promises that I would add to their collection to help "fill the tin". I love making things and having people enjoy them especially my family.

I chose some bright colorful threads to make them pop.

I have added a photo of the embroidery collection I purchased to create these ornaments. It is a Husqvarna collection called Christmas Lace and if you go to  and put "Christmas Lace 205300" in to the search designs you will be directed right to it. I purchases the download version, printed out the pdf files to create a booklet, copied all the files to a CD so that I don't have to tie up room on my hard drive and viola... I love these designs and the best part is you can create them in any colors you choose, oh but if you do purchase them make sure you choose the file format that you use for your embroidery machine. Have fun!!! I know I did.

On another note...
I have left my digital freebie download for over a month (page down to the blog hop giveaway) and decided that I will deactivate the link on January 2 at 01:00 Eastern time and maybe upload a new freebie. Check back to get your freebie  but until then...
                       Happy New Year!!!!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Jen Reed November Challenge

This is the page I completed for the Jen Reed November Challenge.
I love Jaci Velasquez. She has a beautiful voice.
I used the template Jen provided and her Believe Kit. The font is  Cambria italic
Jen had a template challenge. You should go check out her website and join in on the challenge. That is

Monday, November 8, 2010

Not the only one who gets inspired!!

Take a look at this. Jessica Sprague just announced that she will be hosting a new FREE class at  Every year about this time Jessica hosts a class just around the holidays to get our creative juices flowing. All you have to do is visit, register or login and look for the class code, or the sign up button on the home page. Once you sign up then Click on the My classes tab at the top and go to the class. Read it ahead of time because there are some supplies that you will need to gather for this class. Jessica's style of teaching is awesome and you will enjoy this class so much you will come back for more.Take a look 

Hurry, go sign up today!!! I did.

Monday, November 1, 2010